Features & Highlights
  • Laser Crystals Commercially Available up to 120mmØ. Greater than 120mmØ through R&D Programs.
  • Many Design Options Including Rectangles, Squares and Your Unique Designs
  • Path lengths Ranging from 1mm to 75mm
  • Highest Laser Damage Threshold Coatings Available
  • Low Damage Polished Plano-ends, Brewster's Angle Ends
  • Absorption Values From 0.5 to 8.0 /cm @ Alpha 532nm

Demanded by the world’s top ultrafast lasers utilizing Femtoseconds & multi petawatt systems.

Crystal Systems’ proprietary HEM® technology produces superior crystalline structures in crystal sizes commercially up to 120mmØ with larger sizes available through R&D programs.

We are proud to have delivered 200mmØ and 220mmØ HEM Ti:Sapphire laser optics in support of today’s leading-edge high-intensity laser facilities.

Performance Characteristics
  • 120mmØ
  • Excellent Homogeneity
  • Superior Thermal Properties
  • High Figures of Merit (FOM)
  • No Bulk Scatter
  • High Laser Damage Threshold
  • Large Sizes and Highly Doped Material Available
  • Alpha Values @ 532nm of 0.5-8.0/cm
# Attributes

High quality laser crystals begin with our near perfect crystalline structure and the correct 3+ valence electron state.

Each HEM Ti:Sapphire laser rod guarantees the foundation for your laser platforms’ high power levels and excellent beam profiles.

Through rigorous examination processes and state-of-the-art equipment, our crystals are tested for absorption values, homogeneity, light scatter, FOM, flatness, and transmitted wave fronts.

FOM (Figure Of Merit) Vs. Absorption

Tunability Range of HEM Ti:Sapphire

Absorption / Fluorescence

Brewster’s Angle Laser Crystals

Advanced laser polishing and high damage coatings

Anti-Reflection Coating

# Laser Damage Threshold Testing

Laser Damage Threshold Testing of Ti:Sapphire AR Coating

The test results below come from one of the periodic tests that Crystal Systems performs on the AR coating designs used on HEM Ti:Sapphire amplifier crystals. These results are representative of the damage threshold that can be expected with our coatings.

Testing provided by Spica Technologies Inc.

Test Conditions
  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Angle of Incidence: 0º (Normal)
  • Pulse Repetition Frequencies: 10Hz
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Beam Profile: TEM Pulsewidth (FWHM): 10ns Axial Modes: Multiple Shots
  • Pit Diameter: 570µm
  • Number of Sites: 80
  • Method: Laser Damage Frequency
  • Exposure Duration: 200 shots/site
Test Sample
  • Test Type: Laser Damage Threshold
  • Substrate Material: HEM® Ti:Sapphire
  • Sample Size: 1″Ø
  • Coating Type: AR
Test Results
  • Damage Definition: Plasma, increased He-Ne scattering, visible damage as observed using a 100X Nomarski Brightfield Microscope.
  • Description of Results: Part Irradiated at 13.00 J/cm^2 With No Damage in 10 Sites
  • Laser Damage Threshold: Calculated at 14.16 J/cm^2 Peak Fluence
Current Applications
HEM Ti:Sapphire’s wide emission range, (650nm to 1200nm), high-power density pumping capability along with excellent thermal properties enable today’s high-intensity laser platforms.

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