Features & Highlights
  • Maximized Transmission Below 250nm
  • UV and VUV Optimized
  • Ultra High Purity
  • Solarization Resistant
  • Low Fluorescence

A special class of sapphire crystals used for precision windows, lenses and filters.

HEM LAOS Sapphire is recognized for being the premium crystal material for sapphire optics and sapphire lenses.

Addressing the high energy fluence requirements of High Energy Laser (HEL) windows and other critical, low absorption optical applications.

Performance Characteristics
  • Bulk Absorption <80 ppm/cm @ 1064nm
  • Refractive Index Homogeneity in the 0.02 P-V Range
  • 1/10th Wave P-V Wavefront
  • Ultra-High Purity
  • Low Thermal Optic Coefficient (dn/dt)
  • Wide Spectral Range of 150nm to 5.5µm
  • Solarization Resistant
  • A, C, M and r-Planes Available
# HEM LAOS 193 Sapphire

Specifically optimized for sapphire optics operating at or below 250nm.

HEM LAOS193 sapphire material outperforms all other sapphire optics in the UV and EUV regimes.

This low bulk material has extremely uniform optical homogeneity, allowing optics with 1/10th wave P-V available. If your optical sapphire application calls for material working below 250nm, LAOS® should be considered as a solution.

# HEMEX® Sapphire

The highest grade of HEM Sapphire produced with optical homogeneity measured as low as 0.02 P-V.

HEMEX grade sapphire is offered in either HEM, HEM LAOS, or HEM LAOS 193. Take advantage of the low absorption properties of HEM, HEM LAOS for applications above 250nm or HEM LAOS 193 for applications below 250nm.

Current Applications
HEM LAOS material has been shown by third parties to have increased Raman Spectroscopy performance relative to other sapphire suppliers.

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